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Spa Services

Reconnect with an in-room spa experience that embraces the natural energy of the Ojai Valley.

Massage therapy can be scheduled prior to your stay. Please note: side by side massage may not be available in all rooms
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In-Room Treatment Menu


A girl receiving a massage

$120.00 (50 min) Warm Up

10 min. on each foot, 5 min. on arms and hands 20 min. on neck, head, and face with extensive work on upper back and shoulders. Can be done fully clothed.

$135.00 (1 hr) Full Body

A full body, firm massage with knowledgeable hands, using great care to relax and rejuvenate the spine.

$165.00 (75 min) Iguana Special

The extra 15 minutes allows extra time to be spent on any area where may want extra attention, such as feet, neck or back.

$200.00 (1 1/2 hr) Iguana Plus

This massage gets you ready to relax and really enjoy your vacation. The extra time we spend on your body will rub that stress right out.

$270.00 (2 hr) Double Iguana

This treatment will change you for life. Your body will surrender all stress and accept complete freedom to be the real you. Two full hours of allows your body the time to let go and leave all your stress behind.  

We will make you feel great!

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