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Spa Treatments – Emerald Iguana Inn

Emerald Iguana Spa Treatments Menu
Pamper your body, mind and soul, with in-room facials and massage. Treatments can be scheduled prior to your stay by contacting our helpful staff at (805)646-5277.


The Emerald Iguana
Massage Menu

All massages include aromatherapy oils

$80.00 (50 min) Warm Up
10 min. on each foot, 5 min. on arms and hands 20 min. on neck, head and face with extensive work on upper back and shoulders. Can be done fully clothed.

$90.00 (1 hr) Full Body
A full body, firm massage with knowledgeable hands, using great care to relax and rejuvenate the spine.

$112.50 (75 min) Iguana Special
The extra 15 minutes allows extra time to be spent on any area where may want extra attention, such as feet, neck or back.

$135.00 (1 1/2 hr) Iguana Plus
This massage gets you ready to relax and really enjoy your vacation. The extra time we spend on your body will rub that stress right out.

$180.00 (2 hr) Double Iguana
With this extra-long treatment your body will surrender stress and completely relax. It is the utmost enhancement for the perfect vacation.


Serenity Facial
This Facial provides Deep Pore Cleansing using a gentle Peel to Exfoliate. 
Marine Algae & a Nourishing Mask are applied with Steam to Hydrate and Nourish. Neck, Shoulder & Foot Massage 
No Extractions
1 hour - $95.00

Lavender Facial
Experience the essence of Lavender, Lavender Steam, Warm Stones, & Hydrating Rose Water with this Customized mask that leaves your skin radiant. Neck, Shoulder & Foot Massage 
No Extractions 
One Hour - $95.00


Foot Delight
Give your Feet a Vacation with a Rose Petal Soak, Sea Salt Scrub, and a Cucumber Mask. Finish with a Relaxing Foot Massage 
One Hour - $95.00

Hand & Foot Delight
Treat Hands & Feet with Rose Petal Soak, Sea Salt Scrub, Cucumber Mask & Massage. This Treatment will leave both your Hand and Feet Soft & Relaxed.
90 Minute - $135.00

All Treatments Require at least 24 hours advance Cancellation or 50% is charged.

Please Note: We have a 24 hour cancellation policy on all spa treatments. Any treatment cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will be charged a %50 cancellation fee.

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